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Harrison is a family business of six generations as robust today than throughout the company history. The business is run by the Spinks family who has been involved since the 1930s. The generations of strong family values coupled with a healthy obsession with making quality beds and a passion for innovation have made Harrison Spinks the fastest growing UK business in the industry.

For more than 100 years they've been making beds of the highest quality, using only the finest materials. Meticulous attention to detail, traditional values of excellence coupled with innovative design and a unique pocket spring system means that every bed they create offers you the ultimate sleeping experience.

The dedication to craft beautiful beds extends beyond the manufacturing process to producing their fillings on their own farm, raising sheep for the best quality wool and growing crops to make the exclusive Hempure fibre. Running the farm allows Harrison to maintain the integrity of what they produce and guarantee quality control.

At Mayfield Furniture we realise that every customer is different, theres no magic bed that suits everyone. That's why we have selected Harrison to be our preferred bed and mattress supplier. With an extensive range of quality beds and mattresses we can work with you to find you the perfect bed or mattress. As every bed is hand made by Harrison in Yorkshire you can make your new bed any width, any lenght, any height & there's even a choice of 3 support tensions; Gentle, Medium or Firm.

All the Harrison beds you see on our website are available to try out instore.

Our display models are split tensions showing the most popular tensions.
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No two people are the same which means the individual qualities we require from a bed differ from person to person. A huge choice of materials, locally sourced natural fillings, antibacterial mattress fabrics and finishes hand built to your exact requirements means your bed can be as unique as you. Here are our 3 most popular divan beds.
All Harrison divan beds are available with a choice of storage options ranging from standard drawers to full maxi storage. Standard drawers are beech foil wrapped and Superior quality drawers are constructed from solid dovetailed beech, All are easily accessible and smooth running.
All Harrison Mattresses are suitable to be used on divan bases or bed frames allowing you to maintain the look of your room.
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The purpose of using natural fibres such as wool, hair and cotton in their mattresses is to create a comfortable micro climate which regulates the body temperature. Each of the different fibres has its own unique characteristics.

Here are the various fillings found inside a Harrison Mattress.
Wool - Soft and springy, inherently flace resistant and anti-bacterial. Wool naturally has a long lasting, supportive compostion and is a wonderful insulator to keep you warm and dry whilst helping regulate body temperture.
Cashmere Wool - Luxuriously soft with good loft. Cashmere is extremely warm and one of the finest materials available to sleep on, provides insulation without bulk.
Hempure - With its excellent properties for absorbency and strength and because it's grown without the use of pesticides, Hempure is a natural and greener alternative to the oil based polyester fibres which are used in many mattresses.
Horsehair - Natural, springy and resilient, horsehair has for many years been used in high quality upholstered items and is hand teased and layered on the lower part of the mattress. It adds durability and loft.
Cotton - In addition to its durable and hygienic qualities, cotton is soft and highly absorbent which means it is good at wicking away moisture, keeping you cool and
Egytian Cotton - Longest length, finer strands make Egyptian Cotton the softest and finest cotton used in mattresses. It is very efficient at wicking away moisture and so improving the cooling properties of your mattress
Mohair - A very fine, almost silk like fibre and like wool, regulates body temperature in the mattress. It is softer and smoother than wool providing a sumptuous, luxurious feel.
All Harrison headboards are hand made to order. From traditional designs to stylish, contemporary straight edges, we can find a headboard to suit your taste and complement any interior. All headboards are available in a range of fabrics and designs, the perfect way to finish off your bed.
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